Ciao! I’m Sandra, your Local TRAVEL DESIGNER SARDINIA.

My consultancy service is  aimed, above all, towards curious and passionate travelers, who are looking for tourism that respects the environment, culture and traditions, people who seek to get closer and discover the true essence of Sardinia.

The itineraries are based on your needs, interests and budged (from luxury travel to budget travel), giving value and attention to less frequent locations and activities. You will be in contact with the locals and I will introduce you to the local gastronomy, art, tradition and history!

Travel Designer Sandra Sanna Sardinia

Especially for those who want to discover hidden gems I will reveal the hidden beaches and fantastic paths surrounded by the unspoiled nature not very well known to tourists.

Entrust yourself to a local expert, save time and stress in organizing your trip, It doesn’t matter if you are an

independent traveler or a professional in the tourism sector!

I want to be every traveler’s first point of reference when they are looking for quality itineraries!

Here you will find a specialized, reliable and unique consultancy service. I offer you knowledge, competence, and quality.


I listen to your needs

Rather than taking just an order and processing it, I get to know you, in order to understand your preferences for your future trip to Sardinia.


No waste of time

I help you cut through all the online noise and provide you with well-evaluated options that suit your preferences and budget. To save you precious time and let you do what you really like!