My name is Sandra Sanna, I was born in Belgium, with a Sardinian father and an Apulian mother. I grew up in Belgium, in a unique town, among people of different races and cultures where my life was truly enriched from the beginning!

My passion for Sardinia prevailed among the various emotions that have pursued me since childhood; the simple way of life, the breath taking landscapes, the beautiful beaches, the rich culture, the history and the hospitality of the Sardinians have made this island a special land for me. In 2006 I moved to Sardinia, and right here, my new adventure started…

I am a

PASSIONATE Sardinia lover

Designer of tailor made trips & tours

Travel consultant

Quality controller of experiences and accommodations

Tour leader

Your travel assistant before, during and after your stay

Travel Designer Sandra Sanna Sardinia

How the idea was born

I have a tourism degree and a lot work experience in the tourism and hospitality sector both in Belgium and Sardinia.

As a tour guide I was lucky enough to visit Sardinia far and wide. Each time it was a big surprise. Each time the sea, the land and the Mediterranean shrub gave me different perspectives, splendid combinations of colours and new emotions.

This was my job. Accompanying and guiding tourists, making the island known, transmitting my passion and my love for Sardinia.

The idea of working as a Travel Designer was born from passion and professionalism, satisfying the needs and desires of singular travelers and, as all things, it started as an idea: to promote and to trade Sardinia in international markets addressing a public of travelers in search of Sardinia, a fascinating destination with quality of excellent service.

Now it has grown into more than an idea! It is a different way of seeing tourism: high quality, commitment, sustainability, responsibility and passion. I am offering you tailor-made and UNIQUE travel experiences.