Tailor made

Tailor-made travel services designed by a local professional make the difference!

Discover why you should entrust your
travel project to your personal Travel Designer

Are you an independent traveler?

  Because using me as your Travel Designer will save you time and ensures to maximize your travel experience.

  Because you don’t need to search through the entire Internet! Let me work out your travel plan for you and create not only a good trip, but an unforgettable once in a lifetime travel experience, that is tailored specifically for you, your preferences and your wishes.

  Because if you have already booked a trip with a travel agency or made a booking online and you have received the list of confirmed services, but you don’t know how to structure each day? Don’t worry! Send me everything and I will prepare the best roadmap in line with the services booked and give you all the missing pieces. You will optimize your time and energy and will be able to focus on your trip.

  Because if you don’t know whether to rent a car or use public transport, or if you are looking for recommendations on the best places to eat, what to visit, etc., my little extra touch, is what adds up to making your vacation unforgettable.

  Because through my network of collaborators, I have access to private tours and activities, that you can’t find with a google search.

Let me be your first point of reference when you are looking for quality itineraries!

Are you a tourism professional?

  Because I know the resources of the area.

  Because have an ad hoc selected list of tourism service providers. I collaborate with professional and above all local tourist- and environmental guides even when I accompany groups as a tour leader.

  Because I never create the same trip twice. I listen to your needs and I transform them into customized solutions.

  Because quality is important to me, I don’t leave anything to chance, every minute of your trip is organized down to the smallest detail.

  Because I don’t want you to have the usual commercial experience, I want to let your clients understand and experience a place as much as locals do.

  Because I handle emergency situations well and have the pulse of people’s reactions in all circumstances.

Let me be your collaborator for your client or trusted group!


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